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Project Feasibility Analysis

Van Ewing Construction Inc. will help you determine if your project is feasible before you invest  time and money preparing plans or purchasing land. Van Ewing Construction Inc.’s experienced pre-construction team will meet with you and discuss your project ideas and constraints. Van Ewing Construction, Inc. can tell you:

  • The approximate cost for your project along with options that might reduce costs, or increase the value of your investment
  • What type of an approval process you can expect with the local jurisdictions including both time and cost. We can also let you know what impact the local design standards will have on your project.
  • What duration to expect for the design and approval stage as well as the actual construction. If you have specific needs such as a required move-in date, we can advise you as to your best course of action.

Design Services

For many years, Van Ewing Construction, Inc. has been providing design assistance to our clients. Whether you’re looking for a referral to a designer, or if you want Van Ewing Construction, Inc. to act as your Design Builder, Van Ewing Construction Inc. has the resources to make your job a success.

  • Van Ewing Construction, Inc. has long term relationships with  the leading design firms in the region. No matter what type or how large your project, Van Ewing Construction, Inc. can bring you a design team to exceed all of your expectations.
  • Van Ewing Construction, Inc., as your Design Builder, works directly with you and the design firm to determine construction feasibility and design alternatives for best value.

CM at Risk (CM/GC)

The objective of this approach is to treat project planning, design, and construction as integrated tasks within a construction system. The team, by working together from project inception to project competition, attempts to serve the Owner’s interest in optimal fashion. By striking a balance between cost, quality and schedule, the team strives to produce a project of maximum value to the owner. On any given project, the CM/GC or Design/Build team provides whatever services the Owner requires. This varies from one project to another.

Benefits of Team Managed Construction

  • The ability to impact or reduce the project cost is greatest early in the design and diminishes as the design progresses.
  • Cost control is improved over hard bid.
  • Change orders are significantly reduced or eliminated. There is no playing the low bid game.
  • Schedules can be more flexible to meet your needs.
  • Projects can be completed faster under a Team Managed Fast Track process.
  • These benefits make it more enjoyable for everyone to go to work every day.

Pre-Construction Services

Van Ewing Construction, Inc. is committed to making your project a success. Therefore, we promise:

  • To meet as often as necessary with you to ensure that we fully understand your needs and expectations.
  • To provide detailed, open book estimates at every phase of design to ensure that the project remains within your budget.
  • To review all building systems, material selections and site work to ensure that you are getting the best value. Our job is to provide you with cost and technical information to allow you to make decisions regarding your project.
  • To provide detailed schedules and phasing to identify critical milestone dates for all team members.
  • To provide a complete competitive bid process for all trades to ensure that you get the best price for the work. Van Ewing Construction, Inc. may price some trades using its own forces. If our price is less than the lowest qualified bid, we would perform the work ourselves. This often results in substantial savings to our Owners.

Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

Van Ewing Construction, Inc. commits to the Owner that the cost of the work plus our fee will not exceed a set amount.

  • If the costs are less than the GMP, the Owner receives 100% of the savings benefit.
  • If the Owner does not make any changes that increase the GMP any cost overruns are absorbed by Van Ewing Construction, Inc. just like a lump sum (hard bid) contract.
  • The GMP can be established prior to completion of the plans and specifications to allow for an earlier construction start.

Value Engineering

At Van Ewing Construction, Inc., we believe that value engineering is an indispensable tool in all CM at Risk (CMGC) projects. When implemented, it saves our clients money and preserves or improves the project quality in ways that might otherwise be overlooked. The answers to the following six questions are the keys to our Value Engineering analysis:

  • Which options does the Client need to have included?
  • Which options does the Client want to have included?
  • Which options are currently available?
  • What is the cost of each available option?
  • What are the pros and cons of each available option?
  • Which option will provide the Client with the greatest value?

Through multiple work sessions, the project team will determine the relative importance of each project design feature, material selection and system performance, and will develop a list of items to evaluate for possible cost savings. Experience has proven that subcontractor and supplier input contributes greatly to this process; therefore, subcontractors in key trades will be contacted and asked to provide suggestions for the above referenced questions. Additional work sessions allow for review and action on each item. The end result is the incorporation of important features into the final project design.

Traditional Competitive Bidding

At Van Ewing Construction, Inc. we are always ready and willing to put our project costs up against the competition. Van Ewing Construction, Inc has been successful in finding ways to build projects faster and for less money than our competitors.

  • Many of our CM at Risk and Design Build clients were first introduced to Van Ewing Construction, Inc. through a competitively bid project. There is no better way for us to prove to you how we can make your project a success.
  • When looking at contractors for your next project, would you rather have one who has proven they can complete work at the lowest cost, or one who is unwilling to compete for your business.